Travel Day! Arrive at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The day before camp was considered a “travel […]
First day of training at the OTC! Film session in the morning followed by two training workouts. On the first […]
Team film in the morning and two workouts. Day two of camp started with a morning meeting and film session […]
Film in the morning on Baumgartners 1984 Olympic Finals match followed by a training session. Par Terre was the focus […]
Off day to recover and rebuild. We had all day off the mats to recover and rebuild for a long […]
Greco and Freestyle get together for a full day of training! Focusing on Greco and Par Terre There was no […]
Team meeting in the morning followed by two high intensity workouts. Focusing on transitions, counters, re-attacks, and situations Back to […]
Day off on our own: Lift in Ted Stevens Strength & Conditioning building Today was another day to recover and […]
Film review on outside steps and working on the attack with different setups. High intensity workout in the afternoon Back […]
Last team meeting followed by an open room workout. Live situations in the afternoon for the final push of camp! […]
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