Greco and Freestyle get together for a full day of training! Focusing on Greco and Par Terre

There was no meeting or team film this morning, however, there was still practice with the Greco national team. During this session, we focused on guts and defense in par terre. When working guts, the coaches emphasized that our chest should be lower than our lock. If our chest is higher than the lock, there will be less pressure on our turn. When running a gut, you want to extend your arms out to pinch and get the lock tighter. Then, pull the lock towards your chest and drive chest against opponents back with no space in-between. When the opponent turns in to defend the gut, check if the other side of the body is straight then gut through that side. Another specific gut we learned is putting our knee on the opponents back and using our foot to block against the hip, bringing far foot in front of head and roll through opposite side with knee down to mat. After working guts on top, we transitioned to defending guts from par terre. When defending a gut, we can’t make our body straight on either side; we would then be vulnerable for a turn. Act like a frog and scrape through backwards and forward depending on where the lock is. Anytime when defending on bottom we must constantly move forward or side to side while our chest stays down to the mat, eliminating space for locks or hands to come in. Towards the end of the session, we did 6 sets of 1 minute goes on our feet focusing on hand fighting, leverage, position, and looking for push outs. Then we did 6 – 30 second short goes in par terre.

The last training session of the day with Greco consisted of technique sequences on our feet. We worked on pushing and edge work while transitioning to attacks like drags, under-hooks, and duck-unders. Defensively we worked on under hooks, drags, driving opponent out of bounds to control center and to obtain a push-out.


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